RFC: Displaying multibyte symbol names in readelf

nick clifton nickc@redhat.com
Wed May 30 14:42:00 GMT 2012

Hi Alan,

> Uh, the reason I quoted part of your readelf patch was that I think
> it's wrong to trim readelf -W output.

You are right, -W should display the full section type name.  I was 
getting confused with the way that the old code was printing out the names.

I have applied this patch to fix readelf and revert my changes to the 
tic6x linker tests.


2012-05-30  Nick Clifton  <nickc@redhat.com>

	* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Correct bug in previous
	delta - display full section type in wide mode.

2012-05-30  Nick Clifton  <nickc@redhat.com>

	* ld-tic6x/shlib-1b.rd: Revert previous delta.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-1rb.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-1.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-1r.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-app-1b.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-app-1rb.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-app-1.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-app-1r.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/shlib-noindex.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/static-app-1b.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/static-app-1rb.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/static-app-1.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-tic6x/static-app-1r.rd: Likewise.

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