gold incremental file format on 64-bit

Cary Coutant
Sat Apr 21 00:37:00 GMT 2012

> For input objects and archive members, the global symbol entries
> consume 20 bytes each and comdat groups consume 4 bytes each.
> For input shared objects, global symbol entries consume 4 bytes
> each.
> For input archives members and global symbols each consume 4 bytes
> each.
> So at the end of each of these incremental input sub-parts we may
> need to emit a 4-byte alignment pad.

Agreed. Sorry, I missed those other cases on my quick scan. It would
be reasonable to do align info_offset inside the loop after the switch
statement in Output_section_incremental_inputs::set_final_data_size.
Then in Output_section_incremental_inputs::write_info_blocks, we'd
have to fill the padding with zeroes. I can make this and the
.gnu_incremental_relocs alignment fix next week, unless you want to
submit a patch yourself.


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