gold incremental file format on 64-bit

David Miller
Fri Apr 20 22:33:00 GMT 2012

One naggling issue with a native 64-bit sparc GOLD is that the
incremental linking file format leads to many unaligned accesses which
SIGBUS on sparc.

Actually, much care has already been taken in the file format to put
potentially 64-bit values into 8-byte sized and offsetted locations.

But the individual sub-sections of the incremental linking file can
end up not being 8-byte aligned.

I intend to fix this by padding up each sub-section by enough to
8-byte align each one, when necessary, to fix this problem.

What is the state of the incremental file format version?  I need
to increment it when I make this layout change, right?  Or are we
still at a point where we can just adjust things with impunity and
without a version bump?

Also, it would have been nice for the gdb-index file format to not
have the unaligned cases I ran into on 64-bit sparc the other week and
fixed by using Swap_unaligned.  How much flexibility exists to
rearrange the gdb-index file layout?


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