git question

Fred Cooke
Tue Apr 17 12:42:00 GMT 2012

> There have been a lot of discussions about this, consult the archives.
> The blocking issue seems to be finding a person with the motivation and
> stamina to do it.

I've been on the list four months and have 360 threads and 1000+
emails in my account and this is the first one with git in the subject
line. I figured it was time for a bump! Who has the necessary
authority to get it done? What does getting it done actually mean? Is
it as simple as turning off CVS committing, updating the git repos and
starting to commit to the git repo? (plus links and website updates,
etc, of course)

It would make everyone's lives a LOT easier if it were the official
go-to repo. Think of all the poor people down-stream like distro
maintainers :-)

> It is automated.  IIRC updates are done every half hour.
> In practice, at least for gdb (but I assume also for binutils) this is
> frequent enough.

OK, thanks! That's good to know!



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