git question

Tom Tromey
Tue Apr 17 11:28:00 GMT 2012

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ellcey <" <>> writes:

Steve> But with CVS I could check out 'src' and get everything.  Is that
Steve> possible with git?

There isn't a git mirror of the full src tree on sourceware.

Steve> If not what are git users doing?  Are you creating a merged tree by
Steve> hand?  If so, doesn't that mess up the ability to update the sources
Steve> with git?  Or are you building things seperately?  I.e. build binutils
Steve> from one git source tree, newlib from another, gdb from a third?

I don't know what anybody else is doing, but I use git for development
of my main project (gdb) and treat CVS as a write-only repository.  On
the rare occasions I need to work on binutils, I either use binutils.git
or just the appropriate CVS module.

Steve> Is the plan to use subprojects or submodules in the future for the
Steve> binutils sources?

Nope, see the extensive discussions about this in the archives.


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