git question

Fred Cooke
Tue Apr 17 10:28:00 GMT 2012

It was common practice in the old days of CVS/SVN to put multiple
projects into one repository and have the history interleaved and a
global checkout possible. It doesn't really make sense to do it that
way using Git. Git encourages you to break down your projects into the
appropriate chunks. I assume that people are building the different
projects separately as they are separate projects. You could create a
git super project, using the submodule feature, as you mentioned,
though I'm unsure of what benefit that would be.

I have a simpler question, though: When does binutils complete the
migration to git and get rid of CVS for good?

It feels like that bottle of milk in the fridge that you know you
should have thrown out two months ago but are too scared to touch now

As long as git is still secondary and lagging the CVS repo, it feels
wrong to bother using it when you might miss the latest commits. What
is the official process through which commits get translated/updated?
Maybe it's automated and on a hook and my fears are unfounded?



On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 2:02 AM, Steve Ellcey <> wrote:
> I have a git/binutils question.  I see that there are git repositories
> for the various sources in the binutils tree.  I went to
> and I see a binutils project, a gdb project,
> a newlib project, etc. and I can check those out. But with CVS I could
> check out 'src' and get everything.  Is that possible with git?
> If not what are git users doing?  Are you creating a merged tree by
> hand?  If so, doesn't that mess up the ability to update the sources
> with git?  Or are you building things seperately?  I.e. build binutils
> from one git source tree, newlib from another, gdb from a third?
> I have read some git documentation about subprojects / submodules
> but I am not sure if it is applicable to these binutils git trees.
> Is the plan to use subprojects or submodules in the future for the
> binutils sources?
> Steve Ellcey

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