Committed: fix ld/configure.tgt for mips*-freebsd*

Robert Millan
Mon Apr 9 14:38:00 GMT 2012

Hi Hans-Peter,

El 5 de març de 2012 5:12, Hans-Peter Nilsson
<> ha escrit:
> This change apparently lacked sufficient testing.

The purpose of my patchset was adding support for GNU/kFreeBSD on
MIPS.  I figured it'd be nice to also add support for our sister,
FreeBSD on MIPS, while at it, so I included my guess on what would be
necessary for that platform.

Of course, I could have just submitted support for GNU/kFreeBSD on
MIPS while ignoring FreeBSD, but in my book that'd have been bad
etiquette.  I wouldn't do that unless explicitly asked to.

Btw, FTR, kFreeBSD is just an abbreviation for "kernel of FreeBSD",
it's not a project on its own.

Robert Millan

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