gas: bmi

Christopher Howard
Mon Apr 2 16:02:00 GMT 2012

(I may have sent this to the wrong list... resubmitting...)

Hey guys, how do I get gas to output the BEXTR instruction? The amd64
manual indicates BEXTR is one of the Bit Manipulation Instructions
(BMI), and the AS manual states definitively that it supports BMI
instructions for x86_64, but gas doesn't seem to recognize the mnemonic
"bextr" or a few variations of that which I have tried. My online
research only lead me to an unanswered post from someone asking the same

BTW: If there is some kind of official list describing in detail all the
gas mnemonics and the proper operand arrangement for them, please let me
know where it is and I'll stop asking questions like this.


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