Strange LMA/VMA behavior with regions

Boyapati, Anitha
Fri May 13 05:02:00 GMT 2011

>On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 08:14:19AM +0530, Anitha Boyapati wrote:
>> This is a bug.
>No, it is not.  Your script sets the VMA in two ways, an address on
>the output section, *and* by specifying a region with '>'.  The
>address overrides the region, so that is what you get for VMA.  You
>are setting the LMA by specifying a region with 'AT>', so you get the
>current address of the region for LMA.
>If you want different behaviour you're going to have to spend time
>writing a patch for ld, and then convince maintainers that your change
>won't break other people's ld scripts.

I think the same logic given in para(1) is applicable to Case 2 discussed earlier. The relevant portion from linker script for Case 2 is:

.text_os  : ALIGN(8) {

As I understand it, the address returned by ALIGN(8) has overridden both '>FLASH' and 'AT>FLASH'. While in case 1, ALIGN(8) has overridden only '>FLASH'. It is confusing to see different results.

Thanks for the conversations Alan.


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