[patch][gold] Fix case where a empty section defines the segment of a following section

Jim Meyering jim@meyering.net
Sat May 22 09:53:00 GMT 2010

Rafael Espindola wrote:
>> gold/testsuite/script_test_9.sh isn't executable:
>> [hjl@gnu-6 src]$ ls -l gold/testsuite/script_test_9.sh
>> -rw-r--r-- 1 hjl hjl 1312 2010-05-19 10:49 gold/testsuite/script_test_9.sh
>> [hjl@gnu-6 src]$
>> Could someone please fix it? Jim, can you fix git?
> Very sorry about that. I confess my ignorance, how do I mark a file
> executable in cvs? It has something like svn:executable?

Are you guys planning to switch to a real version control system?

I've cleaned up, again.

For my reference, in case I do this again:
(slightly contorted, since I didn't own the file, and thus
could not chmod it directly)

    cd /cvs/src/src/gold/testsuite/
    cp -a $t k && chmod a+x k && mv -f k $t

and did this to the git mirror:

    git clone ~/mirror-git-to-cvs/repo/binutils &&
    cd binutils/gold/testsuite
    chmod a+x script_test_9.sh
    git ci -m 'gold: set execute bit on a test script' -a
    git push

If it hasn't propagated in an hour or two, let me know.

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