Relocation data value adjust

Andreas Schwab
Fri May 21 11:13:00 GMT 2010

daniel tian <> writes:

> I digged the write.c, and still being puzzled. The difficulty I met is
> how I could distinguish those two labels  being in funpointer (data
> section) from like "JMP @a" (in .text section, because in jmp section,
> there will be a fixup, and it will be resolved in md_apply_fix, the
> "a" address value will be right shifted two bit in this function.).
> and I noticed "a, c"  reloc_type is BFD_RELOC_32 (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW is
> not defined in my target.), So I wonder whether I chould identitify
> "a,c" with BFD_RELOC_32.

Qualify the expression by using something like a@fptr and attach a
different relocation type to it.  See the powerpc port for an example.


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