puzzle about "l.d" macro expansion on mips

Amker.Cheng amker.cheng@gmail.com
Wed May 19 03:29:00 GMT 2010

Hi :
   for following non-pic assembler codes:
	.section .mdebug.abi32
	.gnu_attribute 4, 1
	.align	2
	.globl	main
	.ent	main
	.type	main, @function
	.frame	$sp,16,$31		# vars= 8, regs= 0/0, args= 0, gp= 8
	.mask	0x00000000,0
	.fmask	0x00000000,0
	addiu	$sp,$sp,-16

  .set macro
  l.d    $f6,off2($0)
  .set nomacro

	j	$31
	addiu	$sp,$sp,16

	.end	main
	.size	main, .-main

assembled and dumped by commands:
mipsel-linux-gnu-as -march=mips1 test.s -o test.o
mipsel-linux-gnu-objdump -dr test.o >./test.dump

   0:   27bdfff0        addiu   sp,sp,-16
   4:   3c010000        lui     at,0x0
   8:   c426fffc        lwc1    $f6,-4(at)
   c:   c4270000        lwc1    $f7,0(at)
  10:   03e00008        jr      ra
  14:   27bd0010        addiu   sp,sp,16

Is this right? It seems make no sense.
Please help me out. Thanks very much.

Best Regards.

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