arm-elf float-abi defaults...

Joseph S. Myers
Sat May 15 01:02:00 GMT 2010

On Fri, 14 May 2010, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> >> But, of course, arm-elf is really a dead ABI at this point...
> > 
> > hmmm... if it's dead enough, it becomes a moot point, doesn't it?
> It's pretty dead.  Richard Earnshaw recently suggested deprecating
> arm-elf in GCC 4.6.  I think that's reasonable; most of the major
> operating systems (not just GNU/Linux, but embedded operating systems
> too) have switched to the EABI, not just for compatibility with one
> another, but because it's technically superior.

I don't think VxWorks has yet switched to EABI.  In previous discussions 
on the gcc list I've suggested that the RTEMS configuration ought to 
switch, but it hasn't yet.  If the BSDs are using EABI, their 
configurations in FSF GCC haven't been updated accordingly.  (All the many 
RTOSes without special configurations in GCC may have switched from 
arm-elf to arm-eabi, of course.)

Joseph S. Myers

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