arm-elf float-abi defaults...

Mark Mitchell
Fri May 14 20:39:00 GMT 2010

DJ Delorie wrote:

>> Yes, but presumably you could make those pseudo-ops ARM-specific,
>> rather than EABI specific?
> Could, but gcc doesn't always know the specific .fpu.  I imagine
> version-sync nightmares too, so IMHO we should either do a
> command-line thing from gcc, or just forget it if EABI works.

DJ, I don't have intimate knowledge of these bits, but I don't see how
GCC's knowledge of FPU is, or should be, EABI-specific.  I think you
should start by looking at the EABI behavior, and seeing if you think
it's problematic.  If it isn't, then you can either punt on arm-elf, or
enable some EABI functionality there.  If, on the other hand, you think
there's a problem when using the EABI, then we should talk about how to
solve it.


Mark Mitchell
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