arm-elf float-abi defaults...

DJ Delorie
Fri May 14 20:21:00 GMT 2010

> The compiler should generate a pseudo-op that is processed by the
> assembler.  If the right pseudo-op doesn't already exist, it needs
> to be added to both the assembler and compiler.

The assembler has pseudo-s for ".fpu" which says what kind of FPU it
has, but the generic hard/soft choice is only via command line option.

> I thought this stuff already existed in arm-eabi toolchains.  If it
> doesn't exist in arm-elf, then you should be able to use it there too.

The EABI toolchains use eabi-specific pseudos to set the .fpu.

> But, of course, arm-elf is really a dead ABI at this point...

hmmm... if it's dead enough, it becomes a moot point, doesn't it?

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