libsim licensing (and bfd by extension)

Frank Ch. Eigler
Sat May 8 16:54:00 GMT 2010

Robin Getz <> writes:

> [...]
>> We'd like it to, but some things were not assigned to the FSF when
>> they were originally contributed.  Beyond that, I don't know the
>> history.

> It's easy to remove them now. :) If people want it to be added back
> - it's easy for them to sign the proper forms.

For some values of "easy".

> Besides - some of the files which are not copyright FSF - aren't released 
> under the "GPL 2 or later"...
> common/cgen-fpu.h
> common/cgen-accfp.c
> common/cgen-fpu.c
> That needs to be fixed/resolved - doesn't it?

Red Hat has been in gradual negotiation with the FSF to donate cgen
etc. over, but not much progress has occurred lately.  Perhaps a
gdb/binutils fsf contact can inquire for us?

- FChE

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