gas: local dirname shadows global dirname, dummy1 declaration isn't a prototype

Jay K
Sat May 8 04:15:00 GMT 2010

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
/src/binutils/src/gas/dwarf2dbg.c: In function 'out_debug_info':
/src/binutils/src/gas/dwarf2dbg.c:1619:15: error: declaration of 'dirname' shadows a global declaratio

so I renamed local dirname to dir_name

/src/binutils/src/gas/flonum-konst.c:225:1: error: function declaration isn't a prototype

remove these lines at the bottom:

#ifdef VMS
void dummy1 () { }

or if they are needed for some compiler:

#ifdef VMS
#ifdef __STDC__
void dummy1 (void);
void dummy1 (void) { }
dummy1 () { }

This is with gcc 4.5.0, build=i386-darwin, host=target=alpha-dec-vms.

 - Jay

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