ld for VMS?

h.becker becker.ismaning@freenet.de
Tue May 4 09:15:00 GMT 2010

Jay K wrote:
> Tristan, why do you say transferring .obj is difficult? I maybe agree -- I can't seem to do it -- but I wonder what your experience was, to maybe fix mine.
This applies to Alpha and VAX object files: because the record structure 
is lost during ftp-style transfers. A binary transfer from Linux/Unix to 
VMS creates a fixed record structure on VMS. That's wrong, it is a 
variable length record structur. A binary transfer from VMS to 
Linux/Unix transfers the data of the records not the length fields. So 
you have to have some pre- or postprocessing on the VMS side. And you 
can't avoid this with an archiver.


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