ld for VMS?

Tristan Gingold gingold@adacore.com
Mon May 3 12:28:00 GMT 2010

On May 3, 2010, at 1:16 PM, Jay K wrote:

> The memcpy problem was #define __size_t. Moving along.. :)


>  > decc$crtl_init
> Presumably related to decc$main? I'll check the docs.

Yes, but I am not sure this is documented.  Calling decc$main should make it.

>> how do I copy

> The VMS machine has a web server, just serving out a directory, it lists files, I click
> on them, they download. I've tried bare .obj files and .zips.
> The .zips certainly work in general since that's how I got the headers and libraries.
> I could use .tar.gz also but haven't been.

I haven't tested http.  I use ftp.  I think that zip should work too (for .obj).

> To copy to VMS (hello.exe) I use sftp.
> sftp might also work to copy from VMS, though the one time I tried it exited, not sure if it was before
> or after the copy.

I haven't tested sftp.  Note that only transferring .obj is difficult, .exe and text files work well 
(according to my experience).

> For some reason scp isn't working, which is what I'd normally use.
>  It complains about an extra newline or such.
> I can also probably email uuencoded files.
> If I'm really successful on this project, maybe I can get a working cross-built openssh/scp..
> Given the handler isn't needed, I'm fine with gcc-built crt0.c.
> Presumably the patch is either to remove the handler and just compile with gcc, or #ifdef __GNUC__ around it.
> And then update the makefile chunks.
> alpha64-dec-vms has additional problems because of the pointer size stuff, though I don't get it.
> If the pointers are indeed 32bits, declare that they are ints and extend them to long, and pass long
> pointers to main (assuming main is compiled with gcc..and assuming gcc doesn't do something
> funny for main). I don't see why the copying is done.

Here we are only interested in alpha64-dec-vms, which is more difficult due to pointer size.
But you need copying for argv[] because it's an array of pointer.


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