[gold][patch] Add the --start-lib end --end-lib options

Rafael Espindola espindola@google.com
Wed Mar 17 20:55:00 GMT 2010

The attached patch adds two options: --start-lib and --end-lib. The
idea is that the objects listed between a pair of those options are
handled in a similar way to archive member. The use case is that in a
build the user instead of doing

ar q foo.a a.o b.o
gcc .... foo.a ...

can skip foo.a creation completely and do

gcc ...--start-lib a.o b.o --end-lib

When the archive member utilization is high, this option is a modest
speed improvement. Its bigger win is avoiding the archive creation.

Most things work transparently. The one exception is that nesting
--start-lib in --start-group is not supported.

2010-03-17   Rafael Espindola  <espindola@google.com>

	* archive.cc (Should_include): Move to archive.h.
	(should_include_member): Make it a member of Archive.
	(Lib_group): New.
	(Add_lib_group_symbols): New.
	* archive.h: Include options.h.
	(Archive_member): Moved from Archive.
	(Should_include): Moved from archive.cc.
	(Lib_group): New.
	(Add_lib_group_symbols): New.
	* dynobj.cc (do_should_include_member): New.
	* dynobj.h (do_should_include_member): New.
	* gold.cc (queue_initial_tasks): Update call to queue.
	* main.cc (main): Print lib group stats.
	* object.cc (do_should_include_member): New.
	* object.h: Include archive.h.
	(Object::should_include_member): New.
	(Object::do_should_include_member): New.
	(Sized_relobj::do_should_include_member): New.
	* options.cc (General_options::parse_start_lib): New.
	(General_options::parse_end_lib): New.
	(Input_arguments::add_file): Handle lib groups.
	(Input_arguments::start_group): Check we are not in a lib.
	(Input_arguments::start_lib): New.
	(Input_arguments::end_lib): New.
	* options.h (General_options): Add start_lib and end_lib.
	(Input_argument::lib_): New.
	(Input_argument::lib): New.
	(Input_argument::is_lib): New.
	(Input_file_lib): New.
	(Input_arguments::in_lib_): New.
	(Input_arguments::in_lib): New.
	(Input_arguments::start_lib): New.
	(Input_arguments::end_lib_): New.
	* plugin.cc (Pluginobj::get_symbol_resolution_info): Mark symbols
	in unused members as preempted.
	(Sized_pluginobj::do_should_include_member): New.
	* plugin.h (Sized_pluginobj::do_should_include_member): New.
	* readsyms.cc (Read_symbols::locks): If we are just reading a member,
	return the blocker.
	(Read_symbols::do_whole_lib_group): New.
	(Read_symbols::do_lib_group): New.
	(Read_symbols::do_read_symbols): Handle lib groups.
	(Read_symbols::get_name): Handle lib groups.
	* readsyms.h (Read_symbols): Add an archive member pointer.
	(Read_symbols::do_whole_lib_group): New.
	(Read_symbols::do_lib_group): New.
	(Read_symbols::member_): New.
	* script.cc (read_input_script): Update call to queue_soon.

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola
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