Patch to do reorder text and data sections according to a user specified sequence.

Taras Glek
Wed Jun 30 23:09:00 GMT 2010

On 06/30/2010 04:00 PM, Sriraman Tallam wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 3:31 PM, Taras Glek<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed weird "** fill"ing behavior while looking at mapfiles. Ian says
>> this is a bug, so I'm sending this to the list.
>> When compiling with -ffunction-sections, many sections usually have some
>> fill after them. I'm not sure why that's needed..but a more interesting
>> problem is that once you order those sections, the remaining fill gets
>> lumped together like this:
> Does this lumping happen when you re-order with linker scripts or with
> --section-ordering-file, or both ? Could this fill be for alignment
> purposes ?
I've abandoned the linker script approach, so I've only tried this with 

I doubt there is a purpose for 50K of fill.


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