PR 11728--Unlinking before closing a file

Sterling Augustine
Mon Jun 21 17:29:00 GMT 2010

Today, when you have an error in your input, gas unlinks a file before 
it is closed, which fails on windows-file systems. (And probably other 
non-unixy file systems.) This is filed as bugzilla 11728

The erroneous output file won't be deleted, confusing make and certain 
developers like me.

Enclosed is a patch that moves unlinking to after closing. It simply 
keeps unlinking in close proximity to closing.

OK to apply?


2010-06-21  Sterling Augustine  <>

	PR gas/11728
	* as.c: Globalize keep_it.
	(main): Remove keep_it. Move conditional from here...
	(close_output_file): here.

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