ld/emulparams/sparc*.sh NOP missing in all but one file

David Miller davem@davemloft.net
Mon Jun 21 04:05:00 GMT 2010

From: Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 20:23:39 -0500

> Thanks for looking at this.

Those things you see after the final instructions of IMFS_chown are
not padding, they are some set of references to other locations in
the binary.

My best guess is that this is a local table of code addresses used by
the switch() statement in the code for IMFS_create_node().

And this makes sense since the next symbol after IMFS_chown is in
the same section (.text) and the .text sections in all of the input
objects have the same alignment (2*2 == 4 bytes) which on sparc
should never require alignment padding since all instructions are
4 bytes in size and 4 byte aligned.

In the case where real padding actually got created by the linker, for
the gap at the end of strncpy() leading up to __start_set_sysctl_set,
where a directive stating ". = ALIGN(16)" occurs in the linker script,
the proper nops were emitted once elf32_sparc.sh has the proper NOP
statement added.

Anyways, when I get a chance I'll commit that NOP addition to the tree.

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