2.18 ar/ranlib glitch for mips elf64

Paul Koning Paul_Koning@Dell.com
Sat Jun 5 18:08:00 GMT 2010

> ...
> Best thing to do is file a bug report with specimen objects and
> archives.
> There isn't really enough information here to tell what's going wrong.
> FWIW, I was able to build n64 GLIBCs without problems in the past
> (and did it regularly for a time).  Obviously others have too.
> So it sounds like your problems might be specific to particular
> features of the object files, rather than an ar-and-ranlib-just-
> can't-handle-n64 level of problem.

Ok, I'll try to isolate the problem.  The library being built in this
case is newlib (on NetBSD).  Also, does the gcc version matter?  I would
hope not since gcc doesn't deal in binaries, but in any case, it's


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