[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/42798

Paolo Bonzini bonzini@gnu.org
Fri Jun 4 15:04:00 GMT 2010

On 06/04/2010 04:59 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> With regard to the gold change.  What will happen if the system header
> files provide only a declaration
>      char *basename(const char *)
> ?

I think it works, because C casts are allowed to do anything they want 
to constness.

Certainly both of the following compile fine:

char *f(const char *x) { }
typedef char *(*funtype) (char *g);
funtype gg = (char * (*) (char *)) f;

char *f(char *x) { }
typedef char *(*funtype) (const char *g);
funtype gg = (char * (*) (const char *)) f;


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