IBM POWER6/AIX6 current state?

Franz Fehringer
Sat Jan 23 16:26:00 GMT 2010

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as a side information, i think i found somewhere in the gcc online docs
a piece of information saying that binutils support was to poor for
building gcc on AIX at that time.

Am 23.01.2010 17:22, schrieb Franz Fehringer:
> Thanks, i think i will give it a try as soon as gcc 4.5 is released.
> In the meantime i would like to ask you for some additional background
> information:
> Last time i went this route it was with gcc 4.4.0 and some binutils 2.20
> prerelease (it could have been a post 2.19 snapshot from the trunk as well).
> The gcc build came to a grinding halt, when in stage 2 the gcc compiler
> built in stage 1 advised gas to generate POWER6 machine instructions
> (the flag was -pwr6 i think) and gas choked because id did not
> understand this command line parameter (IIRC only up to -pwr2 was
> possible then, but i am not 100% sure about this anymore).
> So my question is, what has changed in the meantime:
> 1) Is it that gas now recognises -pwr6 and generates POWER6 machine code
> when handed down this option?
> 2) Or gcc 4.5 will no longer insist on gas generating POWER6 opcodes,
> but rather fall back to the latest instruction set supported by gas
> (which one btw?)?
> 3) Or did binutils/gas as used by me already support POWER6, only the
> -pwr6 flag was wrong?
> 4) other explanations?
> Cheers
> Franz
> Am 23.01.2010 13:13, schrieb Richard Sandiford:
>> Franz Fehringer <> writes:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Are binutils usable on IBM POWER6/AIX6 machines?
>>> I would like to use them in current gcc (4.4.x / 4.5 snapshot) builds.
>>> Last time i tried, gas only supported older processors and gprof was not
>>> supported at all.
>> Binutils 2.20 should support POWER6 and AIX6, provided that you use
>> a recent GCC 4.5 snapshot.  However, I've only tested it in a cross
>> configuration.  Please file a bug report if you find any problems
>> using them natively.
>> Richard
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