PATCH: Make .eh_frame sections read-only on 64-bit Solaris/x86

Eric Botcazou
Tue Jan 19 00:37:00 GMT 2010

> I'll probably add a check to gcc's gcc/ to guard against
> this, but the proper fix seems to make gcc and gas consistent.

There is a check already, it will disable the CFI directives if the section is 
made again read-only, so you'll need to invert it for x86-64.

> It would be good to get this both into binutils mainline and the 2.20
> branch so we can point people at the gas 2.20.1 release that works in
> time for the gcc 4.5 release.

Are you sure it's a patch against the trunk?  My pristine tree has:

/* The Sun linker doesn't merge read-only and read-write sections into
   a single read-write section so we must force all EH frame sections
   to be read-write.  */

Eric Botcazou

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