Option -static

Michael Morrell morrell@alumni.ucsd.edu
Mon Jan 11 23:14:00 GMT 2010

FYI.  Since ld already supports -a for HP-UX compatibility:

     This  option  is  supported  for  HP/UX compatibility.  The keyword
     argument must be one of the strings archive,  shared,  or  default.
     -aarchive is functionally equivalent to -Bstatic, and the other two
     keywords are functionally equivalent to -Bdynamic.  This option may
     be used any number of times.

You might want to consider enhancing -a as well since HP-UX already has
this functionality:

   -a search
      The Series 700/800 linker supports two additional
      values for the search flag. The value
      archive_shared indicates that within each
      directory searched to find the library specified
      with -l, the archive form is preferred, but the
      shared form is allowed. The value shared_archive
      states that the shared form is preferred but the
      archive form is allowed.


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