gold patch committed: Finish GNU2 TLS support

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Jan 8 19:42:00 GMT 2010

The support in gold for GNU2 TLS wasn't quite right in two areas.
Firstly, the TLSDESC relocations should go into the lazily resolved
PLT relocations, following the JUMP_SLOT relocations.  Secondly, the
support for local symbols in shared libraries was just wrong.

On x86, local symbols in shared libraries use two GOT entries and an
absolute relocation.  The second GOT entry has to hold the offset of
the local symbol in the TLS segment.  The R_386_TLS_DESC relocation is
a simple absolute relocation which does not refer to any symbol.
Implementing this required adding the notion of an absolute

On x86_64, local symbols in shared libraries also use two GOT entries
and an absolute relocation.  In this case, the offset of the local
symbol in the TLS segment is not stored in the GOT, but rather in the
addend of the absolute R_X86_64_TLSDESC relocation (it's tragic that
the name is TLS_DESC in one case and TLSDESC in the other).  In order
to implement this in gold I introduced the notion of a target specific
relocation, where the value in the addend comes from a target specific
method.  I did this in a rather C like fashion to keep memory usage
down, casting through void*, although these cases are actually fairly
rare and perhaps it would be better to use a base class with virtual

Committed to mainline.


2010-01-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	PR 10287
	PR 11063
	* (class Target_i386): Change return type of plt_section
	to be non-const.
	(class Output_data_plt_i386): Add tls_desc_rel_ field.
	(Output_data_plt_i386::Output_data_plt_i386): Initialize
	tls_desc_rel_ field.
	(Output_data_plt_i386::rel_tls_desc): New function.
	(Target_i386::rel_tls_desc_section): New function.
	(Target_i386::Scan::local): Rewrite R_386_TLS_GOTDESC handling.
	(Target_i386::Scan::global): For R_386_TLS_GOTDESC put
	R_386_TLS_DESC reloc in rel_tls_desc_section.
	* (class Target_x86_64): Add tlsdesc_reloc_info_ field.
	Define struct Tlsdesc_info.
	(Target_x86_64::Target_x86_64): Initialize tlsdesc_reloc_info_.
	(Target_x86_64::do_reloc_symbol_index): New function.
	(Target_x86_64::add_tlsdesc_info): New function.
	(class Output_data_plt_x86_64): Add tlsdesc_rel_ field.
	(Output_data_plt_x86_64::Output_data_plt_x86_64): Initialize
	tlsdesc_rel_ field.
	(Output_data_plt_x86_64::rela_plt): Rename from rel_plt.  Change
	all callers.
	(Output_data_plt_x86_64::rela_tlsdesc): New function.
	(Target_x86_64::rela_tlsdesc_section): New function.
	(Target_x86_64::Scan::local): Rewrite R_X86_64_GOTPC32_TLSDESC
	(Target_x86_64::Scan::global): For R_X86_64_GOTPC32_TLSDESC put
	(Target_x86_64::do_reloc_addend): New function.
	R_X86_64_TLSDESC reloc in rela_tlsdesc_section.
	* output.h (class Output_reloc) [SHT_REL]: Add new constructor
	declarations.  Define TARGET_CODE.  Add arg field to u1_ union.
	(Output_reloc::type): New function.
	(Output_reloc::is_local_section_symbol): Check for TARGET_CODE.
	(Output_reloc::is_target_specific): New function.
	(Output_reloc::target_arg): New function.
	(class Output_reloc) [SHT_RELA]: Add four new constructors for
	absolute relocs and target specific relocs.
	(class Output_data_reloc) [SHT_REL]: Add add_absolute and
	(class Output_data_reloc) [SHT_RELA]: Likewise.
	* (Output_reloc::Output_reloc): Add four new versions
	for absolute relocs and target specific relocs.
	(Output_reloc::set_needs_dynsym_index): Add TARGET_CODE case.
	(Output_reloc::get_symbol_index): Likewise.
	(Output_reloc::local_section_offset): Check that local_sym_index_
	is not TARGET_CODE or 0.
	(Output_reloc::symbol_value): Likewise.
	(Output_reloc::write) [SHT_RELA]: Call target for target specific
	* target.h (class Target): Add reloc_symbol_index and reloc_addend
	functions.  Add do_reloc_symbol_index and do_reloc_addend virtual
	* (add_target_dynamic_tags): Use output section for

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