Can't set architecture to m32c on m32c-elf-gdb.

Masaki Muranaka
Fri Jan 8 00:45:00 GMT 2010

Hello DJ,

Hmm, it's possible a matter of degree...

Talking about that cpu-m32c.c.
In case you try to support R32C target, where target_info for R32C should be placed in?
There are two strategy.
One is to create cpu-r32c.c, The another is to append to cpu-m32c.c

I have no objection about Nick's patch in case we will adopt the former.
But I think it's better the latter since Renesas regards R32C as M16C family.

On 2010/01/08, at 9:07, DJ Delorie wrote:

>> Yes some series cores are already shipped it and some are still
>> planning.  I didn't say R32C is same as M32C. But I think their
>> register sets and periherals are quite similar.  And Renesas says
>> R32C is the high end model of M16C/M32C series, right?
> Right, but r32c isn't a "type of m32c" - it's a sibling to m32c, much
> like m32c is a sibling to m16c.  The register set is similar, but not
> quite the same, and the instruction set is similar, but not quite the
> same, etc.
>> I agree RX is completely different opcode/registers from M16C
>> family.  ("RX is a step up from R32C. " is similar to "SH-1/2 is a
>> step up from H8") So I have no view about RX supports on GNU chains.
> RX shares many peripherals and electrical configurations with
> m32c/r32c though.

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