PATCH: PR ld/11133: Static linking with gc-sections deletes sections with __start/__stop reference

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Jan 5 21:25:00 GMT 2010

"H.J. Lu" <> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 11:11 AM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
>> "H.J. Lu" <> writes:
>>> __start_XXX and __stop_XXX symbols may reference the start address and
>>> end address of the orphaned section.  We need to search all input files
>>> for section XXX.  OK to install?
>> I see code in lang_insert_orphan which defines the __start and __stop
>> symbols.  Why does that code not work?
> _bfd_elf_gc_mark_hook is run before lang_insert_orphan is called.

Bother.  I wonder what would break if we simply moved up the call to
lang_insert_orphans in lang_process.

In any case, adding special handling of __start and __stop symbols in
two widely separated places does not sound like the best approach to


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