[PATCH/RFC] Fix LD test FAIL: weak symbols on Cygwin

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Fri Mar 20 18:09:00 GMT 2009

Vincent R. wrote:

> I also tried to google a bit because usually I am quite good at it and
> unfortunately I have found only
> one interesting reference here :
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q148652

  Yes, that's the only thing I could find too.

  I was really hoping someone had an archived copy of

Q72651 "Weak External" Records: Description, Use, and Errors

but I can't even track it down at web.archive.  I might just have an old MSDN
lib from vc6 era lying around somewhere, I'll take a look.

> In the cause section :
> The CRT libraries use weak external linkage for the new, delete, and
> DllMain functions. The MFC libraries also contain new, delete, and DllMain
> functions. These functions require the MFC libraries to be linked before
> the CRT library is linked.

  Yeh, I couldn't find any other references or usage anywhere.

> So I have disassembled libcmt.lib\new.obj and and found this :

  Thanks.  I'm going to set up win7 beta and VC express on a spare machine and
try some experiments.


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