[PATCH] New --pe-dll-characteristcs switch for PE ld.

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Thu Mar 12 13:51:00 GMT 2009

Hi Dave, Hi Danny,

>> The following implements Dave's patch as per Chris's suggestions. 

Well I consider this patch to be good but not quite ready for prime 
time.  This is because of ...

> Thanks a bunch for picking this up, Danny.  I'll take your patch for a spin
> through my autotester and let you know if anything crops up.

My regression tester shows the following new linker testsuite failures 
for the arm-epoc-pe, arm-wince-pe, i686-pc-cygwin, i686-pc-mingw2, 
mcore-pe and mingw32-pe:

   PE-COFF Long section names (disabled)
   PE-COFF Long section names (enabled)
   PE-COFF Long section names in objects (disabled)
   PE-COFF Long section names in objects (enabled)
   script      [from ld-script/script.exp]
   MRI script  [from ld-script/script.exp]
   MEMORY      [from ld-script/script.exp]

Also the i686-pc-cygwin target shows:

   .secrel32              [from ld-pe/pe.exp]
   weak undefined symbols [from ld-undefined/weak-undef.exp]

All of these fail because of an internal error in the linker.  For 
example the i686-pc-cygwin target reports:

  internal error: aborting at ei386pe.c line 400 in set_pe_name

This really needs to be fixed before the patch can be approved.


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