[PATCH] New --pe-dll-characteristcs switch for PE ld.

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:24:00 GMT 2009

NightStrike wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Dave Korn
> <dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> I wasn't referring to the comma.  I was referring to the requirement of
>>> parsing suboptions.  Are you saying there are other ld options which
>>> take keywords like this?
>>  Nope, I just misread you, I thought you /were/ referring to the list nature
>> of the syntax.
>>> I think I'm done arguing now because I seem to be repeating myself.
>>  Yes, me too.  I've way overrun the amount of time I want to spend on such a
>> trivial matter.  Patch withdrawn.
> Does this mean the patch won't go in, simply because of seemingly
> unimportant arguments over the option name?  

  No, it just means it's SEP now.


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