GNU Linker for ia64-hp-hpux*

Prakash Bhurke
Sun Mar 8 15:42:00 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am trying to build binutils 2.19 for building HP-UX IA64 11.23 cross
compiler. However, after building binutils for HP-UX IA64 11.23, I
found that gnu cross linker ld is missing.  On this mailing list, I
found following mail :, saying that
H.J. Lu has patch for ia64-hp-hpux*.  Is there any patch/beta version
of ia64-hp-hpux* GNU linker available. I would like to give test it.
If it is not available, what is effort/time required to port/write GNU
ld for ia64-hp-hpux*? I have ia64-hp-hpux 11.23 machine in my lab, and
I would like to implement gnu ld for this if possible.


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