New Patch: add new score3 ChangeLog
Wed Mar 4 09:12:00 GMT 2009

Dear Nick:

Thank you very much for the  help of sincerely! 

Nick Clifton <> 
2009-03-02 18:37


Re: New Patch: add new score3 ChangeLog

Hi Brain,

> According to your suggestions,I add the ChangeLog of score into the new 
> score.patch . please check it again! 

Thanks - that was not quite what I had in mind.  I was really looking 
for concentrated changelog entries to describe what the patch was adding 
to the binutils sources.  Never mind though, I have created the 
changelog entries myself and, finally, committed your patch.  Thank you 
very much for persevering with this.

>> In your last reply, there are two  fail test pattern for the score-elf 
>> toolchain,
>>     (1)FAIL: gas/score/branch_32
>>     (2)FAIL: gas/score/branch_32-lt
>  I checked out a copy of binutils sourcecode from , but i 

> did't find the two test patterns ,I would like to ask what the 
> inconsistent place in my sourcecode with your?  or ,Please tell me what 
> the testpatterns  where.

These tests were added by you as part of your patch.  They are, 
presumably, checking the new score7 support.  Anyway the files are now 
checked into the official binutils sources, so you should be able to 
reproduce the failures yourself.


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