LD testsuite breaks with too many '-v' in RUNTESTFLAGS.

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Wed Mar 4 03:33:00 GMT 2009

    Hi all,

  I noticed a minor bug in the testsuite.  In ld/testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp, the
procedure "run_dump_test" ends with these lines:

    verbose_eval {[file_contents $dumpfile]} 3
    if { [regexp_diff $dumpfile "${file}.d"] } then {
        fail $testname
        verbose "output is [file_contents $dumpfile]" 2

    pass $testname

  If you have the logging turned up enough for the verbose_eval to fire, the
testrun crashes.  This causes all the expect scripts that feature dump_tests
to throw exceptions and fail at the point they first run a dump test.  Here's
a hunk of the diffs between the log files after running

  make -k check-ld RUNTESTFLAGS="-v -v -v" 2>&1 | tee check-good.log


  make -k check-ld RUNTESTFLAGS="-v -v -v -v" 2>&1 | tee check-bad.log

@@ -3991,19 +4364,46 @@ board_info ubique file_transfer
 getting ubique file_transfer
 board_info ubique connect
 getting ubique connect
+looking for ubique_file
+looking for telnet_file
+looking for standard_file
 call_remote calling standard_file
 dest in proc standard_file is ubique
 calling is_remote ubique
 board_info build name
 getting ubique name
 board is build, not remote
- Regexp-diff'ing: tmpdir/dump.out
-regexp "^.*:     file format .*elf.*$"
-line   "tmpdir/dump:     file format elf32-i386"
-regexp "^Contents of section .debug_info:$"
-line   "Contents of section .debug_info:"
-regexp "^ 0000 0+( 0+)? +(\.+) .*$"
-line   " 0000 00000000 00000000                    ........        "
+ERROR: tcl error sourcing /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-discard/discard.exp.
+ERROR: can't read "dumpfile": no such variable
+    while executing
+"file_contents $dumpfile"
+    invoked from within
+"verbose [file_contents $dumpfile] 3"
+    ("eval" body line 1)
+    invoked from within
+"eval verbose "$expr" $level "
+    invoked from within
+"if $verbose>$level then { eval verbose "$expr" $level }"
+    (procedure "verbose_eval" line 3)
+    invoked from within
+"verbose_eval {[file_contents $dumpfile]} 3"
+    (procedure "run_dump_test" line 320)
+    invoked from within
+"run_dump_test [file rootname [lindex $test_list $i]]"
+    ("for" body line 7)
+    invoked from within
+"for { set i 0 } { $i < [llength $test_list] } { incr i } {
+    # We need to strip the ".d", but can leave the dirname.
+    verbose [file rootname [lin..."
+    (file "/gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-discard/discard.exp" line 43)
+    invoked from within
+"source /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-discard/discard.exp"
+    ("uplevel" body line 1)
+    invoked from within
+"uplevel #0 source /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-discard/discard.exp"
+    invoked from within
+"catch "uplevel #0 source $test_file_name""
+testcase /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-discard/discard.exp completed in 1
 Looking in /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-elf for directories that match "*"
 Ignoring directory CVS
 Looking in /gnu/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-elf

  As you can see, it for some reason can't access the $dumpfile variable
within the scope of the eval.  I don't speak tcl good, so I thought I'd see if
anyone here can suggest a way to fix the syntax of the command so that it
works before proposing a patch to delete the line altogether; anyone got a


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