Storing the memory configuration used at link-time into a binary.

Nick Clifton
Mon Mar 2 14:52:00 GMT 2009

Hi Denis,

> Our co-workers at STMicroelectronics develop on many SoCs at a time
> which sometimes only differ from memory configurations, so they have
> [to take care] to use a compatible linker-script (among many).  That's
> why we introduced a new linker-script statement "CREATE_MEMINFO_TABLE"
> which stores the memory configuration used at link-time into a binary,
> then the embedded "meminfo" table can be used by loaders to make
> compatibility checks or by simulators for auto-configuration.

Thank you for telling us about this idea.  I am not sure that there 
would be any need for it outside of your own application, so I do not 
really think that it is suitable for inclusion into the mainstream sources.

Also I would suggest that it might be better to control this feature via 
a linker command line option rather than a linker script directive. 
This would be more flexible because the name of the meminfo table file 
could be specified on the command line, rather than being fixed by the 
linker script.


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