[patch bfd]: Add further support for x86_64 mingw

Pedro Alves pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt
Fri Jan 25 21:06:00 GMT 2008

Kai Tietz wrote:
> You are right, that the simple chack for __MSVCRT__ isn't engough, but the 
> pattern
>> #if defined (_WIN32) && !defined (__CYGWIN__)
> seems to be a bit misleading. 

grep through the binutils sources for _WIN32 or "_WIN32.*__CYGWIN" ?
It's what's normally used.

 > IMHO the clause should be something like
> #if defined(__CRTDLL__) || defined(__MSVCRT__)
> This pattern matches for crtdll (ce), uwin, cygwin, and mingw.
> Do you agree?

Well, it doesn't match ce (coredll not crtdll there), but then again,
there's no such thing as a native binutils CE port.  I was only
pointing it out as example of the nature of that macro.  I've never
really used crtdll -- it's all msvcrt nowadays, AFAIK.  Anyway,
this tends to bikeshed, so, I'll just state that whatever goes in
is fine by me.

Pedro Alves

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