when is ld appending .number to end of section names?

Sam Ravnborg sam@ravnborg.org
Mon Jan 21 18:39:00 GMT 2008

The linux kernelbuild system has a simple section mismatch
check implemented.
It just check that we do not call function / uses data after
init when said sections are freed.

I recently got a report that showed a section name with an
appended number.

The expected section name was: ".init.text".
But the actual section name was ".init.text.1"

In order to catch such cases it would be helpful
to know when ld does this number appending and
if ld sometimes prefix the section names.

Can anyone either tell me where to look or explain
to me how ld may change the section names so I can
catch such changes.

[I haved tried to google for it with no luck but
I have not looked through the ld codebase]

Thanks in advance


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