Defined symbols requiring an other library

Nick Clifton
Thu Jan 10 21:58:00 GMT 2008

Hi Kurt,

> Does anybody know if there will be other things that might be a problem
> we have doing this?

I suspect that you might encounter similar problems with dynamic relocs for 
other targets, not just the COPY reloc.  (I do not have proof of this, but it 
seems reasonable, since ABIs vary from target to target).

> Or is there a better of doing this?

Wouldn't it be easier to use the loader to resolve this problem for you ?  ie 
have the loader perform a dry run and tell you exactly where it found all the 
symbols ?  (You may need to add code to the loader in order to do this, or you 
may be able to use a tool like strace or systemtap).  Or you could look at the 
prelinker and possibly parse prelinked binaries ?  (The point being that these 
tools already know how to resolve dynamic relocs and find libraries, so why not 
make use of them).


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