LMA access segfault on x86 PC

kishore_2005@dataone.in kishore_2005@dataone.in
Wed Apr 30 07:33:00 GMT 2008

I am trying to get overlay working with gcc on x86 PC.
In the linker file, section command I have added the following lines.

  SYM_RAM = SYM_DMEM + 0x2000;
        .od_data01  {*(.d_data01)}
         .od_data02  {*(.d_data02)}

. = SYM_RAM + 0x4000;
I have assigned a small table of size 100 to .d_data01 section.
If I try to access the __load_start_od_ddp01 address which is the load address for .d_data01 I get Segmentation fault.
I am trying to do ths to simulate a embedded system on PC with faster Internal memory and slower SDRAM.

How can I copy the data at load address to virtual address?

Thanks for any help.

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