alias problem with gold

Andi Kleen
Sat Apr 26 22:09:00 GMT 2008

I started looking at the x86-64 kernel problem (crashes very early 
at boot) when linked with gold.

First thing I notice is that symbol aliases don't seem to work.

The linker script has a alias for a symbol:

jiffies_64 = jiffies;

on the BFD linker it ends up as a true alias:

ffffffff80795880 A jiffies
ffffffff80795880 A jiffies_64

but on gold the alias is 0

0000000000000000 A jiffies_64
ffffffff8079b880 D jiffies

That's not the reason it crashes though, but I bet it would have crashed
later due to this later too.

BTW the maps are difficult to compare because the types are often different.
Often 'T' in BFD is 'A' in gold. Is that intended? 


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