ARCtangent-A4 support

Joern Rennecke
Fri Apr 25 15:04:00 GMT 2008

We (ARC) intend to contribute our improvements to the ARC gcc/binutils
support once our Copyright assignment is in place.
We are currently considering removing the ARCtangent-A4 support from
our sources, as we don't need it anymore.  The only reason to keep the
code would be to facilitate merges with the FSF code base.
I expect we would do regular testing for ARC600 and ARC700 support,
since we are interested in this support for our current and future
products.  ARCtangent-A5 is similar enough to ARC600 that it shouldn't
require much testing / maintenance effort to keep it around.
However, the ARCtangent-A4 has a  number of architectural differences
and uses a different instruction encoding.
Since we don't use ARCtangent-A4 support, we would not test it.
So, is there anybody still interested in ARCtangent-A4 support to the
point that they are willing to do regular tests once the port is

If there is no volunteer for testing, I suppose we can assume that
ARCtangent-A4 support will be dropped from the FSF sources for lack
of testing.

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