How can I change ELF_MAXPAGESIZE using ld emulparam/*.sh scripts?

Mitesh Shah
Tue Apr 22 21:11:00 GMT 2008

I want to change the ELF_MAXPAGESIZE value in bfd without changing the elf32-<targ>.c file. Is it possible to change it through ld emulparam scripts?
The problem I am trying to solve is to change the LOAD address for the first segment. It seems that becasue my TEXT_START_ADDR (0x200) is less than the first page boundary (0x1000). The load segment always starts from 0x000 and overwrites interrupt vector table. Is there a way to change the load start address/offset without fixing the PAGESIZE? I am assumign that the only way is to change ELF_MAXPAGESIZE value in elf32-<targ>.c file and I do not want to change the source so want to find out if I can do it externally?

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