PATCH COMMITTED: Add large section support to gold

Ian Lance Taylor
Sun Apr 20 16:33:00 GMT 2008

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> I committed this patch to add support for object files with large
> numbers of sections to gold.  The general approach is to couple a
> boolean field, is_ordinary, with every section index.  When
> is_ordinary is true, a section index between SHN_LORESERVE and
> SHN_HIRESERVE is simply an index into the section table, not a special
> code.

While testing on another machine I realized that the test case was a
torture test for gcc.  With gcc 4.2.1 it ran out of virtual memory
while optimizing (this is better in 4.3).  Since that is not the goal,
I changed the test case to only test one in every thousand variables.


2008-04-19  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* testsuite/ (many_sections_check.h): Only check one in
	every thousand variables.
	* testsuite/ Rebuild.

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