How to find if any fixups were created for an instruction

Kunal Parmar
Tue Apr 15 21:14:00 GMT 2008


I'm working on a new port for binutils/gcc for a custom processor using
CGEN. The processor is quite similar to MIPS.

The problem I am facing is this :
Most of the instructions are 16 bit. But the instructions can be
extended to 32 bits using an extend instruction. Now when I have an
instruction like "li   r1, label", I need to insert an extend
instruction before this. So I need to know whether the instruction just
assembled using CGEN has any fixups created for it. I looked through the
code in cgen.c and found that they use a static variable num_fixups to
track the number of fixups.

Is there some way in which I can find out if fixups were created for
current instruction ?

Thanks in advance,

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