broken testresults with "[PATCH] decoded output of .debug_line from readelf -wL"

Nick Clifton
Sat Apr 12 07:58:00 GMT 2008

Hi H.J. Hi Hans-Peter

   H.J.: Please do check your patch in.

 > Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> But was that really intended?  Should -wl really
> have been affected?  Not obvious to me.

   No, it would have been better if -wl had not been affected, but I 
think that we might as well stick with the change.  The new version is 
more informative (it tells the user that the output is not being 
interpreted), and since it is now in place we might as well keep it.

   I apologize for not running the gas tests before committing the 
patch.  I ran the linker and binutils testsuites, but did not think to 
check the assembler.


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