gold bug combining .bss sections...

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Apr 12 00:34:00 GMT 2008

David Miller <> writes:

>> David Miller <> writes:
>> > If, for example, we have a normal .bss in the final link with only a
>> > necessary alignment of 4, and we also have a dynbss .bss with a copy
>> > reloc needing an alignment of 8, gold outputs the final combined .bss
>> > section with only an alignment of 4.
>> I just committed this patch which I think should fix this problem.
> Unfortunately it does not.  (I remembered to remove the
> .bss alignment hack in my sparc copy reloc function before
> testing).

Hmmmm, well, it does seem to fix it in the limited sense that the
alignment of the .bss section in two_file_shared_2_test is 8, whereas
you indicated that it was previously 4.  That is, I suspect that now
something else is failing.

Since I don't have easy access to a SPARC system, how does the new
binary fail?


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