[PATCH] decoded output of .debug_line from readelf -wL

Torleif Sandnes torleif.sandnes@gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 09:51:00 GMT 2008

Hi again Nick.
I finally sat down to implement your proposals:

>   *) Please use xmalloc() rather than malloc().  That way you also do
>      not need to check for a NULL return pointer.
Done. I wasn't aware of xmalloc().

>   *) Please read the GNU Coding Standard:
Done. It would have been nice if

>   *) The -wL and -wl command line options ought to display different
>      comments at the start of their output, and if both switches are
>      used then both comments should be displayed.  eg:

>    *) The new command line option needs to be documented in
>       binutils/binutils.texi and mentioned in binutils/NEWS.

>    *) It would be nice to have an option to suppress the output of the
>       column number, as this can be rather confusing.  It would be
>       especially nice if this was done automatically if the column is
>       always zero, unless the user has used a command line option to
>       specifically request column numbers.
I just removed the column number from the output as gcc doesn't seem
to support it yet anyway.

>    *) It would be nice if there were headings at the start of the
>       decoded information for each compilation unit, and if you used a
>       little more white space.  eg:

>       You might also want to restrict the number of characters printed
>       for the file name unless the --wide command line option has been
>       enabled.

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